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At every step of our process, we aim for open, honest communication. We listen to your ideas and concerns, and we offer our best advice and realistic estimates on time and budgets.



Our estimator will come to see your home and discuss your ideas for the project. What’s currently working in your space? What needs repairs? What are you hoping to change? He will then give you some things to think about that you probably haven’t considered, and educate you about how the renovation process works.

Once we understand your needs, desires and budget, we’ll put together an estimate for you. At RENUIT, we believe in giving realistic estimates up front so you can plan accurately. Another crucial first step is to check into the zoning laws that may affect how your renovation will progress. Jason can help you make sense of the zoning laws, no matter where in the Comox Valley you live.


Signing a Contract

Once a contract has been signed and a deposit has been made, we help you work on the details. At this stage, depending on the complexity of your project, you may need to generate blueprints, work with an engineer, and/or complete applications for building permits.

We are familiar with the BC Building Code and each municipality’s specific rules, and we can connect you with our trusted professional designers and engineers to complete this important initial planning stage.

It may take a few months to get these preliminaries sorted out, but the payoff will be a rock-solid project.


Project Start

The RENUIT team will commence work. While the work is underway, we will send regular updates and clear, timely invoices showing exactly what has been completed and why you are being billed. We will contact you immediately if anything unexpected arises that may need your attention.


For added peace of mind, we warranty all of our work for one year, while any products we install are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

We are always available if you have questions during any part of the process. Our goal is to provide every customer with excellent service and high-quality results that will make you happy and make your life better.

To get your project started, or if you’re just looking for a consultation, call us today at (250) 792-3827 or email us to set up an initial appointment.


Book a Free Consultation

Planning a home renovation project can be an overwhelming task. Call us at (250) 792-3827 or contact us to schedule a free, 20 minute no-obligation consultation.